Brushless Motors And Their Features Explained In New Multimedia Knowledge Resource

Electric motors include a broad range of unique devices that convert energy and control motion. Their parts and design will determine how this is accomplished. And when a motor can be modified to improve the way it carries out these functions, it’s a game-changer for any industry that relies upon that motor.

Brushless motors are a prime example of this. By replacing the motor’s brush-style commutator with a special electronic servo system, the result is a more efficient, longer-lasting, lighter weight, and lower temperature motion control device.

To make the right choice of brushless motor, it helps to have a basic understanding of how they work, what parts are involved in their manufacture, and key factors to get the best possible performance. A new multimedia guide from PopBom provides such a resource.

OEMs, maintenance professionals, and hobbyists now have a brushless motor information hub, which they can use to aid their research and sourcing process. PopBom provides text and audio-based primers on different types of brushless motors, including small motors used in very compact placements, large brushless motors used in heavy equipment, and sensored brushless motors that enable more exact positioning and a faster start up.

In addition to helping visitors gain an essential understanding of brushless motors, the knowledge hub provides details on how to find custom device engineering and electric motor manufacturing services. Identifying the right manufacturer of brushless DC motors will make it possible to get a motion control solution that’s built to the exact specifics of an application and to any special performance requirements.

PopBom makes it easier for visitors to move from learning about brushless motor options to submitting their specifications. The knowledge hub provides a direct link with brushless motor manufacturers that are uniquely capable when it comes to designing and building these devices.